Commercial Space Management Solutions.

Power your building with Software that is built to reduce vacancies, attract tenants, reduce operational overheads, increase client retention and deliver exceptional client experience.

Helping Commercial Landlords, Property Owners & Managers to Reduce vacant space within their buildings

Reduce vacant space within their buildings
Attract & retain occupiers and/or Staff though unique Client Experience Software Solutions
Guide and advise on market trends
Occupancy and Space Booking Management Solutions
Turn your BMS into a smart building using our software as an interface
Improve Client Retention
Fully manned or remote support

Space Listing Platform

  • List your available Space
  • Manage your inquires directly through the site
  • Monitor your occupier contracts and renewal dates
  • Relist space without re-entering your core information
  • Issue license agreements or lease agreements through platform
  • Bill clients through platform
  • Manage your vacant space and utilise our occupancy management tools

Document Management

  • Contracts, lease agreements, insurance, and much more
  • Building a tangible environment for the landlord to offer consistent high quality white labelled documentation for their Occupiers
  • Unique logins for your Occupier

FM Tool Kit

  • Assist with the day to day running of the building
  • Building audit tool
  • Client helpdesk
  • Building-wide broadcasts
  • Scheduled building maintenance tools & interactive calendar
  • Dashboard view of building performance
  • Multi location central management tools
  • Access control via Smart Phone
  • Visitor Management with welcome email & temporary QR code access

Manned Service

  • Creating Enterprise Management Solutions
  • Design and Manage bespoke commercial spaces
  • Creating community environments with the highest level of service and support
  • Fully Manned Service delivery - curating events, space management, community engagement, support high end retention within the space
  • Manage co-working, flexible offices and enterprise space

Client Experience & Engagement

  • Events, Chat areas
  • Global Broadcasts
  • Concierge Services
  • Event Management
  • Food and Beverage Delivery
  • Services Directory
  • Book meeting spaces
  • Loyalty program

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